Rolf Mikkola


Thank you, everyone, it was a wonderful competition week!


FINA World Junior Synchronised Swimming Championships in Helsinki will stay in our memories always.

We had an opportunity to witness expert performances from junior synchro swimmers all around the world. Thank you coaches and team personnel for all the hard work.

We express our gratitude to FINA for trusting us in organizing this major international event. Our experiences in arrangements are available for future. We believe synchro as discipline will benefit from the visibility we aquired both in Finland and abroad.

We extend our thankful thoughts to all the numerous parties contributing to the success of this Competition:

Athletes, coaches, judges, authorities and – the members of the Organizing Committee, not forgetting the spectators, Facebook commentators and supporters here and abroad.

We thank each and everyone of the 120 volunteers for their diligence, friendliness and heartfelt concern.

In particular, we want to express our gratitude towards the City of Helsinki, which supported and promoted this Competition. Inner City Travel Card was a well-used necessity, among other things.

The Mayor of Helsinki, Mr. Jussi Pajunen, graciously acted as the provident Patron of the Competition.

The other one of our main partners, Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center, spared no effort in keeping the numerous practical issues in shape.

And, for sure, we would not have been able to do this without the generous and charitable assistance of our sponsors: Arena, Veikkaus, Silja Line, Restel, Fazer, Hartwall, L'Oreal, Planex, Nykypaino and Helsinki City Transport (HSL) .

The creator of the overall visual look of the Competition event was Mr. Mika Ruusunen who also worked as a Team Attaché. Mika’s magnificent photography attracted enthusiastic attention in our Facebook pages and newspapers.

The Finnish Swimming Association applied for the first time in an international competition event Facebook as a platform for pictures, info and comments. The experiment was a success.

Mrs. Maiju Ojala's contribution as Competition Manager gained a lot of praise from international colleagues and the representatives of FINA. Mrs. Ojala was responsible for all the Poolside Operations.

Now that you already made acquaintance with Helsinki, please visit us again soon.


Rolf Mikkola

General Secretary


Photo: City Of Helsinki Media Bank